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How it works

  1. Uses a proprietary, highly optimized algorithm, as well as UCM (Uczniak Chip Model) – an innovative extension to ICM – to calculate equities in any imaginable KO poker tournament.
  2. With no bounties set, the model reduces to industry-wide standard ICM.
  3. Calculates an arbitrarily close approximation of Nash Equilibrium strategies for all the players in the hand.
  4. Displays the results in an informative way and enables further analysis.
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All the features you need to succeed!

Friendly compact GUI lets you enter hand details and set calculation options all from one screen:

  • supports any possible bounty structure, including: vanilla knockouts, super KOs, progressive KOs (with any degree of progressiveness), jackpot KOs (e.g. PartyPoker Hero SNG)
  • supports any edge settings you want, set for every player independently (with multiple edges possible) and applied prior to calculations being performed
  • supports cEV and ICM/UCM calculations
  • supports push/fold and raised pots
  • supports hand history pasting for major rooms (now also reads bounties from new P* HHs!)
  • direct HM2/PT4 database import is now (ver. 1.0.4+) possible as well
  • shows pre-hand equities and risk premiums for each player vs all the others; quick calc option gets you just that (no strategies) instantly

Shows (game theory) optimal ranges and corresponding EVs (as % of total prize pool) and enables further analysis:

  • enables range editing/locking/unlocking to allow for known exploitable opponent tendencies
  • enables recalculation after range edit to refresh strategies or without edit to get even more accurate results in case you change your mind on the initially chosen accuracy
  • progress being made is shown and cancellation is possible at any time if you so wish
  • you can save the results of your calculations and review them at a later time for a smooth learning process (ver. 1.0.3+)
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System requirements:

  • 2GB+ available RAM, although 1GB will do for simple use cases
  • any CPU should run the app, although as it is CPU-intensive, the faster you got, the better; multiple cores are supported and beneficial, but not required
  • Windows 7 or newer (64-bit to use the bundled installer; otherwise use .zip from HERE and unpack to a local folder)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer (downloadable for free from Microsoft)

Learn how to use it!

Bounty tournaments

See how to analyze hands from a progressive KO final table

Edge calculations

See how to use the edge feature in this Spin&Go example

Risk premium

See how to use risk premium to calculate equity required to call an all-in on a satellite bubble

Multi-table calculations

See the software in action during a semi-final table hand analysis

About the author

“I have been a professional poker player since 2008, playing cash games, SNGs, satellites, MTTs, and finally Spins. Some of you might know me from the tables where I played under the screen name uczniak. For the last few years I have also engaged heavily in coaching, working for PokerStrategy, a stable called Grind Club, and numerous private students. During my poker player career and coaching endeavours I was always missing some potentially very useful options in the existing ICM Nash software. Finally, I decided to combine my passion for programming and my poker experience to come up with a better solution. Today, I give it to you: behold, it’s the KOculator!”

Mateusz Żbikowski


Use this form for enquiries about the software, bug reports (hopefully none), feature requests, or basically anything KOculator-related that you feel needs my attention.